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Life is short and regeneration takes a very long time

If you bought a ranch after watching fancy duded-up brokerage videos so that you could live out your Kevin Costner and John Wayne fantasies, I am probably not the guy for you.
I do not manage ranches for people who like to play dress-up or hire cowboys that wear jingle-bobs. This is not a novel experience to me and I will never see ranches as an egocentric means to self-idolatry.

Today's landowners are simply the short-term, temporary stewards of the land. As such impermanent-stewards, our responsibility is to maximize today's value while leaving the natural habitat in a better state for the next generation.

As a Professional Ranch Manager, my mission is to be the pinnacle of science-based outcomes and to attain this title through financial metrics and measurable environmental results.

My vision in being at the apex of ranch management is to inspire other landowners to do better for their own bottom line, their ecology, and their community. Be they owner-operated family-farms, investment properties, or even recreationalists.

The costs and consequences of poor management are reaching crises levels; I am answering the call to lead by example and be the change I wish to see in the world.

I am driven by three core values inspired by the "triple bottom line" of People, Profit, Planet as well as the Holistic Principles of Economy, Ecology, Community.

I believe that,

  1. Ranches should increase cash-flows every year.

  2. Ranches should be defining natural-resource and wildlife-habitat metrics.

  3. Ranches should be fun, rewarding, intriguing, exciting and in this environment, the ranch should be inclusively "creating community" around them.

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Colter DeVries

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